Bloodlust: Cerene – Royal Descent

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Bloodlust Cerene - Royal Descent

“Bloodlust Cerene – Royal Descent”

Cerene is a master vampire and has been watching the Prince’s entire life unfold before her. Immortality lends her the patience to watch her prey play their human games of politics, war, and romance. She knows they will stumble and she waits for that opportunity to strike. So she is confident in her plans and in herself.

She knows she is beautiful and powerful and she uses that to achieve her goals. Cerene sees Tristan as a project. She wants to deepen his sense of perversion and widen his sexual outlook and experiences. She’d rather have him learn to value all the different pleasures she can teach him than have him groomed for the throne. Tristan will have to decide what he really wants…

Bloodlust Cerene – Royal Descent

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