Full Moon 1

Full Moon by 26RegionSFM

Full Moon I


Mila and Pai Chan from D.O.A are walking around the street remembering last night at the club. Then they are reading some book and something strange happens. All the sudden they are transported into dark room with monsters. They look at their cocks and they want to have those dicks inside them. So they start fucking, what a surprise. The creatures and poses changes all the time. At one point of time you’ll see some zombies, in the other moment there will be wolf alike creatures with animal cocks. They all are fucking their asses and pussies, but never seen any blowjob scene. Those guys don’t want to waste any time. Later on we see creatures that looks like rhinoceros and alien type creatures that probably lived in the darkness all their life. In the end one of the girls receive cum inside her pussy, while the other one gets her ass filled. They are really satisfied in general about the book they have found.

Full Moon

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