Long Night On The Train

Presented by Alexander’s Mad Erotic studio

Long Night On The Train

“Long Night On The Train” by Alexander’s Mad Erotic studio.

A horny big breasted white girl and an old big black cocked black man are on the train. Her husband is sleeping, because he drank too much. This black guy got lucky and sexy girl is sucking his cock in the cabin. So, he also asks to take a small video of this, so his friends would believe that a white bitch was sucking his cock on the train. But later he uses this video to corrupt her and fuck her holes as well, because she agreed only on cock sucking and cumming inside her mouth. So they use few poses on the small bed in the cabin and then he cums inside her. She was sleeping when all the sudden she felt that her pussy got really wet and this black guy was fucking her again, or is this somebody else? She still has an eye mask on her face and in the end they just keep fucking and this black guy has a condom.

Long Night On The Train

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