Way Home

Presented by Alexander’s Mad Erotic studio

Way Home


Movie “Way Home” is presented by Alexander’s Mad Erotic studio, idea by Mephistoferez. A girl got drunk and two black guys are taking her home. But turns out that’s not her home. She passes out and guys have some plan to do with her. One of them is starting to touch her and then licks her pussy. Finally she realizes that she’s not at home with her husband, as one of the guys starts to fuck her. She asks to stop that but her body is telling something else and she starts to enjoying all this. As she’s going to cum turns out the other guy was filming this and now she’ll have to fuck both of them at the same time, otherwise they will make this video public. First they start with double oral sex – one guy licks her pussy while she sucks other’s cock. After that we see double penetration, at the beginning one of guys is fucking her from behind, while she sucks other’s cock. But then they penetrate her pussy and ass at the same time together and eventually cums inside her.

Way Home

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